Worth $14 million, Elizabeth Warren thinks she's not a wealthy investor

I think she actually believes that she isn't a wealthy investor. This kind of radical disconnect from reality is typical of many rich liberals because they believe that the care so much about the rest of us, that they are actually one of us. Bussiness Insider: "I realize there are some wealthy individuals - I'm not one of them, but some wealthy individuals who have a lot of stock portfolios" she told him. Hard to see how Warren wouldn't be, by most standards, wealthy, according to the Personal Financial Disclosure form she filed to run for Senate shows that she's worth as much as $14.5 million. She earned more than $429,000 from Harvard last year alone for a total of about $700,000, and lives in a house worth $5 million. She also has a portfolio of investments in stocks and bonds worth as as much as $8 million, according to the form, which lists value ranges for each investment. The bulk of it is in funds managed by TIAA-CREF. Warren would not, of course, be particularly wealthy by...(Read Full Post)