U.S.-Citizenship Renunciations Soar Under Obama

From the AllGov.com Web site:

Rather than deal with the complexities of U.S. tax law, Americans living overseas are increasingly renouncing their citizenship in order to avoid paying their income taxes.

"Increasingly" is an understatement.  In Fiscal Year 2008, George W. Bush's last year, 146 Americans renounced their citizenship to avoid paying U.S. taxes.  In FY 2010, that number soared to 1,534, an increase of 950% - and no, that is not a misprint.  950%.

And in just the first two quarters of FY 2011, 1,024 of our fellow citizens decided that they would rather not be Americans than have their wealth confiscated to feed the fires of fairness.

Someone needs to tell Barack, Harry and Nancy that one doesn't need to enter a voting booth to express one's opinion on U.S. tax policy.  There is a second option.

One can leave the country.

Gene Schwimmer is the author of The Christian State.

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