The U.S. Military has a code of honor. How about Congress?

The U.S. Military remains among the most respected institutions in America.  Conversely, the U.S. Congress has achieved abysmal approval ratings.  Numerous state legislatures do not fare much better. Perhaps, like the military, lawmakers could benefit from having a code of honor, or a creed - similar to the NonCommissioned Officer's Creed. I suggest the following; if only there were lawmakers who might bother themselves with following it: Lawmakers Creed I am an American Lawmaker, entrusted by the People with the power to devise laws. The powers of the lawmaker are the most serious of those given to government.  I will never use these powers to the benefit of myself, or to the benefit of particular interests.  Like the Fire Fighter, the Police Officer, and the War-fighter, I choose to serve the People.  I am greatly humbled to have earned the goodwill of their votes. My Oath to support, obey, and defend the Constitution is a serious Oath.  I will never...(Read Full Post)