The U.S. Military has a code of honor. How about Congress?

The U.S. Military remains among the most respected institutions in America.  Conversely, the U.S. Congress has achieved abysmal approval ratings.  Numerous state legislatures do not fare much better.

Perhaps, like the military, lawmakers could benefit from having a code of honor, or a creed - similar to the NonCommissioned Officer's Creed.

I suggest the following; if only there were lawmakers who might bother themselves with following it:

Lawmakers Creed

I am an American Lawmaker, entrusted by the People with the power to devise laws. The powers of the lawmaker are the most serious of those given to government.  I will never use these powers to the benefit of myself, or to the benefit of particular interests.  Like the Fire Fighter, the Police Officer, and the War-fighter, I choose to serve the People.  I am greatly humbled to have earned the goodwill of their votes.

My Oath to support, obey, and defend the Constitution is a serious Oath.  I will never propose, nor vote to pass, any law unauthorized by the Constitution.  I, nor the government, have any powers other than those given by the People.  I will never forget that I am responsible to the People, and that the People are the best judges of their own affairs.

I place honesty and integrity above politics, and competence is my watchword.  I am committed to tireless moral and intellectual self-improvement, and I will never become part of the corruption that I swear to fight.  I will abide rigorously by the law, and forsake lawmakers who do not, even when such actions may injure my party, or harm my career.

I receive compensation for public service only at the pleasure of the People.  Government has no monies except what is collected from the citizenry by way of taxation.  Justly acquired monies are the rightful property of the citizens who earned it.

I am an American Lawmaker, trusted by the People with the proper discharge of an awesome authority - the authority to devise law.  I demand of myself moral, intellectual, and spiritual courage.  I live to serve others; I must always give of myself the very best that I am able.

Jason McNew is a 38 year old IT professional and a School Board Director.  He can be reached at

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