The Santa Fe De-Tent

Apparently even politically-correct liberals have limits to their tolerance. After initially issuing a warm welcome to the vanguard of the Occupy Santa Fe protestors back in October, Mayor David Coss, a liberal Democrat and former public employee union leader, has ordered the raggedy remainder to strike their tents and remove themselves from public property. Coss had first collaborated with the occupiers, giving them a total pass, justifying his cooperation with the explanation that their movement was a political demonstration and therefore exempt from the city requirement for a park permit. However, it would seem that even a total pass on a permit has a limited duration, as Santa Fe police and fire officials moved into Railyard Park Friday morning issuing orders for occupiers to de-tent and not let the flaps hit 'em in the fanny on the way out.

Curiously absent was any locking of arms and adamant refusals to leave by the  hardcore resistors still in attendance. That could be due to the fact that Santa Fe is the liberal, moonbeam epicenter of New Mexico with Democrat Coss as mayor and a Democrat-controlled city council, which raises the suspicion that this de-tent was actually a Dem-designed détente. Had Coss found it necessary to issue orders to pepper spray obstinate occupiers, that could have become a source of major embarrassment to Democrats at both the state and national level. Can you imagine the fun Republicans could have with videos of protestors being sprayed and gassed by a Democrat city government in one of the most liberal small cities in America? That small size, by the way, actually benefits many of the protestors, as it is but a short drive by Mercedes or BMW from the park to the sprawling hillside manses of their doting, liberal, bi-coastal parents.

It is not known what effect this de-tenting of Railyard Park may have on a rally that Occupy Santa Fe had planned to conduct next week on the steps of the Roundhouse, the state capitol building where the legislature meets. New Mexico Watchdog quotes one departing occupier as saying, "This place is lame. F**k this place. This place is full of hobos." Watchdog fails to clarify if this perceptive young protestor was referring to the homeless derelicts who frequently assemble in Railyard Park or the bums who annually assemble in the Roundhouse.