The GOP's Captain Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez


Gingrich has been compared to Captain Ahab in this campaign.  I would suggest Gingrich is more like Captain Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez. Those still mesmerized by this Pied Piper of the conservative cause may find themselves as rats aboard a doomed vessel come November. 

Does conservatism or the GOP really need to be tarred by the black grease of Axelrod's billion dollar smear machine?  How much care has Gingrich given to asking supporters to defend his own personal moral failings?  This is the most critical election in our lifetimes.  If the main goal is to fire Obama this November then today's "old news" about Gingrich displays a reckless disregard to that cause by Gingrich himself. 

I have written some scalding commentary about Newt's infidelity to conservatism. But other than pointing out that Newt was muted during Clinton's impeachment I have not mentioned Newt's cheating on his wives.  Newt's ambition to the run for president ought not to be held against him but his gamble that general election voters will not care about his veracity, commitment to core beliefs, or trustworthiness should concern conservatives who main goal is to fire Obama.  We are nominating the GOP's standard bearer.  Shouldn't we expect our standard bearers to hold higher standards themselves? Would it help or hurt the GOP and conservatism to nominate a man who cheated on two wives? 

Think of how you would react if the Democrats knowingly nominated John Edwards.  You would be rightfully worried about John Edwards's lack of character.  You would point to simple sound bites that suggest that; "if his own wives cannot trust him, why should voters?" When discussing the Democrats you would question the recklessness and hypocrisy of a party that would nominate such a man.  You would make the election all about the issue of trust and family values. Are you ready to be lectured about trust and family values by the likes of David Axelrod?

Newt Gingrich already suffers from what the Democrats call the "gender gap" among men and women voters. Women voters will be much less inclined to vote for Gingrich now. Will this help or hurt the main goal of removing Obama from power? And while Newt's foibles are indeed "old news" to some, many voters are undoubtedly hearing the bad news about Newt for the first time. Perhaps the GOP base will be inclined to overlook, forgive, or rationalize Newt's infidelity to core commitments.  Rest assured the Obama Regime and David Axelrod will not be so kind.

As ABC News airs Newt's dirty laundry, imagine if Newt were the GOP's nominee and it were October instead of January.  You just know that the Democrats would find a long string of "anonymous" sources and women who will be "coming forward" to trash Newt.  How could Newt defend himself against this kind of attack?  He couldn't.   This is exactly the same sleazy manner in which the greasy David Axelrod foisted Obama upon the nation in the first place.  Newt Gingrich would join Blair Hull and Jack Ryan as stuffed Obama Regime trophies. 

It should be fair to assume that Newt has given this some thought to all this.  Knowing how critically important it is to remove the Obama Regime from power do you now think Newt has weighed into this race thoughtfully?  Or do you think Gingrich has recklessly put his own personal ambitions above the conservative cause and the fate of the nation?

The distracting noise you are hearing about Newt today is not the "fat lady" singing. That's David Axelrod clearing his throat as he approaches the lectern.