Taxpayers supporting 'Occupy DC' protests

No doubt the protestors think this right and just; that the American taxpayer should subsidize their protest against greedy corporations. Their sense of entitlement is limitless and extends beyond the Occupy movement into their daily lives as citizens.

We see it in city after city; extra police presence at the Occupy sites to make sure the protestors don't go off half cocked and start busting windows and blocking traffic. Hooking up electricity so that they can run their iPads and Macs. Supplying porto-johns for sanitation, which matters not to many of them who urinate and defecate wherever they wish.

The entire panoply of taxpayer funded services and goodies that the Occupy crowd enjoys seems to me to reduce the effectiveness of their protest. With donations drying up as the movement dies, the hard core who are left now seem more to be throwing a tantrum rather than desiring any change that is realistic or even beneficial.

US News:

America's taxpayers, already on the hook for watching over the Occupy movement's three-month seizure of Washington's downtown McPherson Square, are getting stuck with another bill to cover the police protection and port-a-potty rentals at today's Capitol protest.

For today's protest, where several hundred Occupiers toting signs lingered in the muddy grass of the Capitol Grounds, over two dozen U.S. Capitol Police were assigned to ring the lawn, most on foot, some on bikes, and others in 18 cars, buses, and trucks counted by Whispers.

Plus, the government rented 17 bright blue potties from Don's Johns, which were parked across from the Capitol Grounds and in the shadow of the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.

The Architect of the Capitol's office wouldn't comment on the costs or protection.

But Don's Johns told Whispers that renting 17 potties costs about $2,100.

A miffed Capitol Police officer told us, "I can't believe we're paying for this. But they have no money. They were complaining about parking prices."

It's not the amount of tax dollars being expended as much as it is the nauseating expectations of the protestors that someone - the government, their parents, you - will take care of them. Enough already. Stand on your own two feet or clear out. The sideshow has lost its appeal and you should either pay the price of admission or move on to the next act.

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