So you think Ron Paul is crazy? (YouTube link fixed)

Intellectually speaking, we live in fascinating, if dangerous, times.  Given a larger view of history, it should be understood that nations, political systems, and currencies come and go on a fairly regular basis.  Human freedom is an exception -- not the norm.

There are four core components necessary for the existence of an independent, sovereign nation:  A system of laws (constitutional or otherwise,) geographical borders, a sound monetary system, and a defensive function.

Presently, the United States is failing (or trending toward failure) on the first three counts.  Failure on two or more will lead to a failure of the fourth (national defense.)  Capitalism notwithstanding, could it be that this is what Russia, China, and the emerging Islamic Caliphate want?  Or what George Soros wants?

It is for this reason that I support Ron Paul for POTUS.  Yes, detractors of Paul's foreign policy may have legitimate gripes -- in particular his seeming failure to understand that radical Islamists cannot be disincentivized in the same way that Soviet Communists could.

Here is a short, 2002 video of Ron Paul making a multitude of predictions in the areas of economics and geopolitics.  Watch the entire thing before judging --  Paul's accuracy craves explanation.

Could it be that Ron Paul is right about economics, the Constitution, and geopolitics, and that his detractors are the ones that have it wrong?

Jason McNew is a 38 year old IT professional and a School Board Director.  He can be reached at