Romney appears headed to easy win in Florida

Several major polls over the weekend show Mitt Romney expanding his lead over Newt Gingrich in the run up to the Florida primary on Tuesday, although two polls show Newt making a strong comeback over the weekend.

The Insider Advantage poll shows a much closer contest than other surveys would suggest, with Romney beating Gingrich 36-31. PPP has the race at 39-32 for Romney.

But other polls show Romney with a double digit lead:

Rasmussen: Romney +16

Quinnipiac: Romney +14

Survey USA: Romney +15

All the above polls were taken between 1/27 and 1/29.

Romney has outspent Gingrich 5-1 in Florida and Newt's debate performances were less than stellar. Those two factors may make the Sunshine state primary an easier than expected romp for Romney.