Puzzling support for Newt

I'm seeing that Newt has taken the lead in South Carolina and, frankly, I just saw a statistic I found most shocking. 

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I admit I have had a hard time stomaching Newt since he attacked Bain and Romney with classic Occupy Wall Street and Obama class warfare rhetoric unbecoming a conservative.

Second, the stat is that evangelicals
prefer Newt by a wide margin: 37 to 21 percent.   

Now, all issues relating to Newt's ex-wife's comments and the timing and media sleaze factor aside,  I am having a tough time wrapping my arms around this.

I'm not an evangelical Christian but I have a much harder time with Newt's serial philandering and the bodies he's cast aside as a result, than Mitt's flip flop on abortion.

I mean, his first wife Jackie was apparently his High School teacher. They had two kids and he had a long affair with Marianne, whom he married after he divorced Jackie. opening up the position of mistress for someone else.  While married to Marianne he had an affair with a congressional aide (Callista) during the Lewinsky scandal for years.

Now claims of open marriage aside because we can't prove that, this shows to me a serious character flaw, the kind that makes one wonder:  if a man would cheat and lie on his wife, what will he do to the country?

If this was a problem for Clinton, why not Newt? We conservatives have standards about this. I'm not interested in peering into someone's bedroom but this kind of history matters.

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