People for the American Way Identifies Photo of Westboro Baptist Church Demonstrators as Tea Party Members

It won't shock AT readers to learn that the Left is deceitful, but here's another piece of evidence: a fundraising letter from Ralph Neas's People for the American Way (PAW) arrived in the mail today. The outside of the envelope and the letter inside display a large photo identified as "Demonstrators at Presidential Inauguration." The signs held by these "demonstrators" read: "God Hates Obama," "Fags Love Obama," and "Hell to the Chief."

Anyone paying the slightest attention knows that signs with the word "fag" and "God hates..." most likely originate from the despicable Westboro Baptist Church, and sure enough, a Google search confirms that all these slogans are used by Fred Phelps's demented flock.

The PAW letter exhorts Americans to "Say 'No' to the Politics of Fear and Hate!" Below the photo, the letter opens: "The Republican Party has been hijacked by the Tea Party Movement and has now fully embraced Right Wing Extremism." The obvious implication is that the Westboro people in the photo are Tea Party members, those hateful terrorists who have hijacked the GOP.

This letter is of course a perfect example of using hate and fear to raise money. Amusingly, Wikipedia identifies People for the American Way as a "nonpartisan" organization that "fight[s] far-right attempts to reverse seven decades of social justice progress."