Mystery: Angry Black Woman Angry at Her Angry Black Woman Image...

Michelle Obama is in the news loyally defending her husband's dubious record of political accomplishments while denying her own record as an angry, difficult first lady who has disrupted White House operations.

In an interview with CBS the feisty first lady, formally trained in the fine legal art of denial of blatant, obvious truths, rather defiantly and sarcastically stated she is not the angry black woman being depicted in the media. Funny, but the only references I find in the first thirty or so pages of a Google search about her being an angry black woman are hits on the CBS interview.

After that, yes, there are some dated articles about her suspicioned, hidden anger, most of them seemingly prompted by her own behaviors. I won't presume to pass judgment but does our first lady, from time to time, appear a wee bit angry?

Why is it when I look at that National Review cover I envision this angry voice saying,

"Eat your damned arugula."

Update from Thomas Lifson:

Why would anyone think Michelle is an angry woman (of any color)? Maybe it has something to do with her demeanor.... (Hat tip to



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