Mitt Romney's big and breaking major Mormon church issue

The headlines were screaming Wednesday.  Mitt Romney's taxes, assets and charitable contributions were, suddenly, big news.  
The media is digging hard on, among other things, Romney's tithing to the Mormon church.  Reports say that Romney, either by himself or as a large part of a group of LDS members from Bain Capital, gave to the Mormon church stock holdings from his/their personal Bain accounts.  Stock holdings worth millions of dollars.

The stories then, at least begin to, ask the question as to the impact the Mormon church would have on policy within the Oval Office of a Romney administration. 

This is a problem, a very big problem.  For Barack Obama.

If I were Mitt Romney (and maybe if Mitt's camp were to read this here, then please feel free) I would jump on this, fast and loud.  Romney can proudly stand before the assembled media and thank them for bringing this issue front and center.  That a long and open discussion about the personal involvement, the role and the impact both he had President Obama have had within their respective churches is one that America needs to hear.

As his fellow GOP candidates demanded in public and on record that Romney release his tax forms, completely and immediately and as the media joined in that chorus, now Romney will ask for fair treatment of the same.  Romney should tell the media they need to dig through the President's records to see what he has given to his church.  When and how much and what for.  Romney should further state that he is a proud member in solid standing within his church and he has no intentions of fleeing that church for political reasons.

Sadly it is my impression the GOP is not crafty enough to have laid a trap to the media like this.  But since the media started painting with a brush broad enough that one stroke left it standing in a corner.... well.  Gotcha!