Media running interference for Obama with Gingrich and Romney stories

So we have Obama declaring he is rejecting the application for the Keystone pipeline.   He and his people in the campaign know that will be a major news story which will be by and large negative to him. 

So, confidently ABC leaks to Grudge that they have an "explosive" interview with Newt's ex-wife.   All one has to do is read Esquire in August 2010 and get the same information.   It's hardly news.


Additionally and also curiously ABC releases a story that Romney has bank accounts in the Cayman Islands and he has given millions to the Mormon Church.   So what is wrong or illegal?


Is all this a coincidence considering the incestuous relationship between the so-called mainstream media and the White House?   Hasn't this same pattern been seen before?    They know the public goes in for the salacious and they have provided it in order to play down the decision that will be devastating to the economy and the American people.