Jon Stewart Calls Out Hypocritical Lefty Journalists

Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, ran a segment on his show a few days ago that was both funny and right on the money.  If you didn't see it, you should take a few minutes to watch it: Jon Stewart calls out hypocritical lefty journalists

It's difficult to find a group of journalists who are more hypocritical than Tom Friedman, Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd, Gail Collins, Nicholas Kristof, and Charles Blow at the New York Times.  Maybe Stewart can arrange to do another segment zeroing in on The Grey Lady.  She certainly deserves it.  For instance, he could begin the segment by focusing on Kristof gushing about the rise of democracy in Egypt during the riots at Cairo's Tahrir Square in his heralded piece titled "We Are All Egyptians."  Then he could try to get Kristof to explain why he hasn't bothered to do a follow-up piece addressing the fact that Islamists have taken control in Egypt.


Neil Snyder is a chaired professor emeritus at the University of Virginia.  His blog,, is posted daily.  His latest book is titled If You Voted for Obama in 2008 to Prove You're Not a Racist, You Need to Vote for Someone Else in 2012 to Prove You're Not an Idiot.