Jacksonville debate: Santorum & Romney up; Newt down; Paul remarkably fit for his age

Last night's debate in Jacksonville featured a more aggressive Mitt Romney, who appears to have benefitted from debate coaching, a somewhat tired-looking Newt Gingrich, a sprightly Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum getting much more attention than usual. Scott Conroy of RCP: ...at the latest Republican faceoff here on Thursday, debate moderator Wolf Blitzer gave Santorum the first and last word of the night, and the candidate who is running a distant third here appeared up to the challenge of nudging himself back into the conversation in what has become a two-man narrative in the state. Sen. Santorum used the debate to land shots on frontrunner Romney, arguably more impressively than Newt. After Romney defended once again the universal health care plan that he enacted as governor, Santorum was ready to pounce with one of the most memorable exchanges of the night. "What Gov. Romney just said is that government-run top-down medicine is working pretty well in Massachusetts and he...(Read Full Post)