Iraq's former PM explains it all to President Obama

While President Barack Obama (D) basks in the self righteous glow that Iraq is now "a stable and democratic country" justifying his total withdrawal of American troops from that country, someone on the ground who ought to know, Iraq's former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, forcefully begs to differ.  Well actually, not to beg but to worryingly describe on CNN as reported by Newbusters

"There are lots of problems now. The whole situation is very tense. Sectarianism is coming back in force in this country. I think Iraq is passing through the most dangerous phase through its history now."

President Obama said very clearly that the United States have left Iraq as a stable and democratic country," said Allawi. "It's neither stable nor democratic, frankly speaking. The terrorists are hitting again very severely. Al Qaeda is fully operational now in Iraq. We can see with the various explosions that are claiming the lives of innocent people every day, and we are seeing the un-constitutional behavior of the government."

In addition to the rise of sectarianism, al-Qaeda's influence and terrorism, Iran is also very involved in Iraqi politics Allawi added. 

Iran used its influence and dictated what kind of government there should be in Iraq...unfortunately the United States went along with what Iran desired."

The US went along with Iran because it is a model of stability and democracy?  Allawi isn't asking for much, not for a return of American troops but at least

"for the United States to use its diplomatic and other channels through the strategy agreement between the United States and Iraq to try and bring about sanity to the political process and inclusivity.

Sanity and inclusivity to the political process in the US would be terrific; for Iraq it would be heaven.