George Washington fought for occupiers also

Don't cry for the delicate occupiers.  Unlike the valiant and raggedy clothed, semi starving soldiers of the Revolutionary War who remained to cross the Delaware River with their commander George Washington during that bitter winter including Christmas Day, 1776, the supposed anarchic, hierarchyless, overgrown kiddies need warmth and spaciousness to plan and co-ordinate their next destructive, chaotic tantrum. 

And so the Chicago occupiers have rented not one but two spacious lofts totaling nearly 6000 square feet for a total of $5600 a month in rent.  The neighborhood, formerly home to white, ethnic Eastern European legal immigrants, is now inhabited by so called minority, mostly illegal Hispanic immigrants and their descendants, near an expanding, mostly legal, immigrant Chinatown.

Where did the occupiers get the rent money and why do they need more space than George Washington?

These lofts are not within walking distance of their disruptive last summer frolic in Chicago's financial district and the (in)famous Grant Park of 1968 Democratic convention infamy.  They are however within walking distance of McCormick Place, a large convention center with hotels, which will host and house the upcoming G-8 and NATO summits.  Having nothing else to do, the occupiers require spacious and luxurious accommodations to plan their promised violent confrontations protesting these meetings.  

As in past senseless confrontations by these professional lefty protesters an extensive, expensive police presence will be required.

The headquarters of the operating engineers union is also nearby; unions are angry they were forced to make concessions to their cushy, well-paid jobs at McCormick Place because convention planners, complaining about expensive union work rules, were taking their business to other cities  

"It will be nice to consolidate everything into one location," Occupy Chicago spokesman Joshua Kaunert said. "We will have the ability to meet together and organize better, instead of meeting separately and coming together later."


Having this space resolves an issue that has dogged the demonstrators since the early days of the protest.

Kaunert said the permanent indoor space will help draw more people to meetings and events, particularly in winter, and will allow the committees to collaborate.

"If everything is in one space, we will have the same benefit of Occupy Wall Street or Occupy Oakland," Kaunert said. 


Kaunert said several members of the housing committee signed their names to the lease, and the rent will come out of their donations fund.

Donations fund?  During these tough economic times they must have received some nice donations--from whom?--to cover rent and living expenses, not to mention the equipment for the planned chaos and vandalism.

Union thugs and occupiers--what a team.  But George Washington and his troops, followed by countless brave Americans, fought for the right of freedom for all.  Even the occupiers--unless they restrict others' freedoms.