Don't bring a gun to New York no matter how many permits you have

Warning to members of the Armed Forces who visit big, nanny state safe New York City in nanny state safe New York state for some r and r: if you want to stay out of trouble learn the exotic local laws especially the one about no matter how many permits you have, including maybe one even from the president of the United States, don't ever, ever bring a gun to the paradise that is New York. And if you wear civilian clothes, be sure you can prove that you are serving your country.

If you think this warning is extreme Larry Celona of the New York Post reports on the sad plight of a Navy SEAL--you know, the people credited with killing bin Laden while Obama, Clinton and others watched in safety in the White House and probably other dangerous missions which are understandably still censored. It seems the poor guy ran a red light, the cops searched his truck and discovered...a semiautomatic plus ammunition. Suspicious! He kept telling the cops he was a SEAL with "top secret clearance. Right!

OK, he couldn't prove it and cops claimed he was "rambling incoherently."  So they carted him off to a psychiatric hospital.

To be fair, NYC does have more than its fair share of uhm, kooks, many of them extremely dangerous. And there's this New York law about absolutely, positively no guns.

So the cops took the only logical action. They placed him in a psychiatric hospital--Bellevue.

[T]he Navy sent staffers to talk to Day in Bellevue Hospital, where he was undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

"He was released [Friday] in their care, and they were going to treat him for post-traumatic stress," a source said.

The charges against Day of weapons possession and a traffic violation have been deferred.

Deferred, not dropped.

Meanwhile, the Tennessee state legislature is coming to the rescue of its citizen, a nurse/medical student who innocently tried to check her legal in Tennessee gun while visiting New York's 9/11 Memorial. Labeling them "gun nuts in the Tennessee state legislature," New York Post reporter Laura Italiano tells of Tennessee's retaliation. New Yorkers, you are warned:

A resolution winding its way through the Tennessee legislature warns New Yorkers not to drive through their state -- because the Highway Patrol is "gunning" for us.

A Knoxville-based legislator, who moonlights as a farmer, is so angry over the Tennessee tourist's gun arrest last month that his resolution condemns it as a "grave miscarriage of justice" -- and reminds New Yorkers to "drive carefully" if we come visit.


"We remind the citizens of New York, especially those residing in New York City, to drive carefully through the great state of Tennessee, paying extra attention to our speed limits," reads Resolution 585 should come up for a vote in Tennessee's House of Representatives next week, before heading to the Senate and the governor's desk. Graves is due in court March 19.


The resolution also "urges" New York officials "to use common sense and sound judgment in the disposition of the case against Meredith Graves."

Frank Nicely, a "gun nut in the Tennessee state legislature" explained why he sponsored the admittedly semi-serious legislation.

"It's just so tragic," Niceley said of Graves' plight.

"I have three daughters, and two of them have carry-permits. Something like that could have happened to them."

"Women need to be armed," he added. "It's a dangerous world."