Dems will probably score big in TX redistricting settlement

This is not good news for GOP prospects of holding on to the House in 2012. Faced with a near certain court decision that would make things worse, the attorneys representing the state of Texas and the GOP drawn redistricting map, are reaching out to settle the case giving Democrats possibly 4 or more golden opportunities to win seats. The Hill: If the state of Texas and the plaintiffs in the case reach an agreement it would solve a drawn out process with two separate lower court battles and a Supreme Court opinion already on the books. Texas is gaining four seats in Congress and will have 36 total House seats next election. Most of the state's population growth has come from African Americans and Hispanics, but the Republican state legislators who drew the maps gave the groups few new opportunities in the state. Any agreement would lead to a minimum of 13 Democratic-leaning seats, and possibly a fourteenth seat depending on how the districts in Fort Worth are drawn. With...(Read Full Post)