Chicago Lunch workers' union protests healthy lunches

This coming on the same day as we're are awaiting a speech about healthier options by First Lady Michelle Obama. Monica Eng writes in the Chicago Tribune:

Workers who serve meals in Chicago Public Schools say the majority of kids are not eating the healthful new foods on the cafeteria menu, according to a confidential survey released Tuesday.

The survey, filled out by 436 so-called lunch ladies, also found that half of the respondents "rarely or never" see principals eating school lunch and 61 percent feared they'd be disciplined for reporting food "quality or safety concerns to parents or kids." (snip)

On Wednesday, first lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to unveil healthier new national lunch standards, which CPS pre-emptively adopted during the 2010-11 school year. That year, CPS incorporated more whole grains into lunchroom menus, removed daily nachos, started offering a different vegetable every day and introduced more healthful new foods.

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