Bill O'Reilly 'Obama Is No Hypocrite'

Last night, in his Talking Points segment, Bill O'Reilley proclaimed that "Obama is no hypocrite." According to O'Reilley this is the case because "Obama does what he thinks is right." 

Does what he thinks is right? That makes Obama a straight shooter? How about doing one thing and saying another? How about doing the opposite of what you promise? Maybe O'Reilly buys into the progressive motto that hypocrisy for the sake of social justice is no vice.

Here area a few of Obama's abject hypocrisies:

1. Blasting deficit spending

2. Blasting increasing the national debt ("Credit card from the Bank of China" was a favorite phrase of Obama's during the campaign. He called it "unpatriotic")

3. Blasting signing statements

4. Blasting revolving door lobbyists 

5. Blasting earmarks

6. Blasting Guantanamo

7. Blasting tribunals, renditions, predators, the Patriot Act ...

How about not being upfront about his real "vision" for America. Subordinating US sovereignty to the UN? Empowering Islam? Americorps youth indoctrination camps? Legislation through regulation? If O'Reilly really knows what Obama thinks is right he ought to clue us in.

O'Reilly should make "hypocrisy" his word of the day.

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