White House mum on Senate bill allowing military personnel to engage in bestiality

The White House is dodging questions about why a Senate defense authorization bill not only quietly overturned sanctions on sodomy between consenting adults (so as to allow gays to serve openly) but also dropped another provision in the U.S. military's criminal code: prohibitions against bestiality among military personnel. When passing complex bills, it's not uncommon for strange items to unintentionally slip through -- things that never commanded much public attention until it was too late. A recent example: the Senate's repeal last Thursday of Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which prohibited sodomy and bestiality. The Senate voted 93-7 for the defense authorization bill. With its blanket repeal of Article 125, however, the Senate seems to have given a green light for military personnel to legally engage in bestiality -- an apparent slip-up (let's hope) that's going viral on the web thanks to World Net Daily reporter Lester Kinsolving having raised...(Read Full Post)