Time Magazine 'Person of the Year.' The Protestor?

Sorry, Tea Party didn't make the cut. Only Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring protestors were apparently worthy of inclusion.


The honor of Time magazine's 2011 "Person of the Year" goes to "the protester" - from the demonstrators across the Arab world to the Occupy Wall Street movement that continues to make headlines.

"In the U.S., three acute and overlapping money crises - tanked economy, systemic financial recklessness, gigantic public debt - along with ongoing revelations of double dealing by banks, new state laws making certain public-employee-union demands illegal and the refusal of Congress to consider even slightly higher taxes on the very highest incomes mobilized Occupy Wall Street and its millions of supporters," Kurt Andersen writes in the cover story about the protesters.

"Millions of supporters?" Wha? Who? WTF? There were barely 200 Occupy San Francisco protestors at a demonstration last weekend. The big protest planned by the OWS this week - to shut down every port between San Diego and Alaska - fizzled so badly that the press was forced to forget about reporting the original goal. Most ports saw little or no protest activity at all. Only one port was shut down - the Port of Oakland.

If they Tea Party had boasted about closing the ports and then have the demonstrations flop as badly as OWS, it would have been headline news.

There were no "millions" of supporters and there never have been. Nobody knows what to support because the OWS crowd has yet to come up with any specifics to oppose - except hate the bankers and the rich.

I would have only included the Arab Spring protestors because they have indeed brought about change, although most of them are probably not going to like the kinds of changes they have wrought. But now that cities have cleaned the rabble out of their encampments, when is the media going to start winding down their hagiagrphic coverage of a movement with little mass and even less coherence?