The real losers in the Egyptian election

Hamas has declared that that Israel is the biggest loser now that the Muslim Brotherhood has dominated the first round of voting for the lower house of parliament in Egypt, followed closely by another equally backward, hateful and destructive Islamist party.

It is dead wrong.

The biggest loser is Egypt and the real losers are the Egyptian people.

Egypt's future is plain to see and it isn't pretty. What's in store for the Egyptian people as a result of the Islamist's victory? That's easy.

War. Endemic poverty. Isolation from the civilized world. Forced conformity. Economic stagnation. Violence. Institutionalized ignorance, idleness, deprivation and backwardness. Widespread crime and corruption. Ethnic and religious cleansing. Apartheid. Frustration and a deep yearning for a better life. Vicious crackdowns. Imposition of Islamic law, Sharia, throughout society. The complete domination of Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood victory was really a victory for Islam and Islamic law and these are the things that Islam and Islamic law always bring wherever they are found. History and reality tells us exactly that and it will be no different in Egypt.

The Egyptian people have turned their backs on freedom, prosperity and modernity in favour of atavism and a backward, outdated philosophy and way of life which has no place in the modern, civilized world. The Muslim Brotherhood victory means Egyptian's are firmly rooted in the seventh century, not the twenty-first. That makes them losers. Israelis on the other hand will survive and prosper despite the enormous challenges they face on a daily basis because of their love for life, because they look forwards instead of backwards and because of their national character, work ethic and skill level. That makes them winners.

Egyptian's future is plain to see alright and its nothing but backwards, backwards and backwards and ugly, ugly and ugly. Too bad. Backwardness and ugliness are what they voted for and backwardness and ugliness are what they'll get.