The Baehr Essentials

The President tells some very wealthy Jewish donors (the top 1% or even higher) the following:

a. That he does not like to pat himself on the back. This is big lie one, coming from the man who claimed that as a result of his election, the earth would start healing, and the oceans would stop rising. No President has ever matched this one in hubris.

b. That he has done more for Israel's security than any previous President . This is big lie 2, one also frequently spun by a Chicago Democratic Party shill, who now argues that only greedy Jews who don't want to pay their fair share of taxes, oppose Obama. That must be the reason all those orthodox Jews, whose average and median household income are well below that of secular Jews, vote Republican by margins of better than 2 to 1.

It must be that the secular and unaffiliated Jews are the ones who really understand Jewish values, unlike Jewish Republicans or orthodox Jews. Of course, the secular liberal Jews (I apologize for repeating myself) can find their "Jewish" values every day on the New York Times editorial page. Liberal Jews tend to be liberal first. How far down the Jewish part is varies. Just because most Jews vote for Democrats does not mean that there is anything remotely Jewish about their doing so.

Jonathan Tobin deconstructs the Obama myths of the day.

And one more Obama myth: that he is a very bright, educated guy. Yesterday he condemned the attack on the English embassy in Teheran. English embassy? There is no such thing. England is one of three parts of Great Britain -- plus Scotland and Wales, Add Northern Ireland and it becomes the United Kingdom. That's why it is called the United Kingdom. I doubt Obama knows this. Maybe Obama misunderstood this because his geography book is written in the Austrian language, that he spoke of when he was in Vienna. Or maybe he missed that bit of geography and history because he was busy traveling to all 57 states during the 2008 campaign. Can you imagine how the media would jump on Obama's ignorant remarks if he were a Republican?

2. There has been much written in the last few days about the changing demographics in America, , and how that will impact Obama's reelection effort. William Galston, the smartest, and most thoughtful of the liberal Democratic analysts, isn't buying the demography is destiny argument in 2012.

3. It looks like the Egyptian elections will bring to power the Islamists--the Muslim Brotherhood, and the even more extreme Salafists. Barack Obama congratulated the Egyptians, and of course pushed for Mubarak's departure, and for the Generals giving up power quickly to the people. As Alfred E. Neumann in Mad Magazine used to say: What me worry? Is this one more example of Obama's smart diplomacy?

4. Why is Obama refusing to follow Britain's lead and sanctioning Iran's Central Bank? It must be because of his concern for Israel's security. The failure of our Iran policy continues, and the end point is scary.

5. A brief history of the union/NLRB shakedown of Boeing.

6. Public sector millionaires are being created all over the country as unions give money to state and city Democratic elected officials, and they in turn, give away the store, providing rich pensions that are unsupportable, to public employees.

7. A lifelong liberal Democrat, and head of energy policy for the prestigious Brookings Institution, argues that Obama has his head up his rear end when it comes to energy policy, allowing environmentalists (think Democratic Party donors) to set policy.

8. Leon Cooperman writes a letter to Barack Obama about his malicious class warfare propaganda

9. George Will on how affirmative action harms its supposed beneficiaries: 37 years back, this issue was explored in a graduate thesis by yours truly.

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