Spy v spy on the drone

As Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. Watson, "the game is afoot."  Is the super secret, super sensitive US drone that somehow wandered into Iranian territory, maybe by a cyberattack,or maybe Afghanistani  "friendly forces" turned it over to the Iranians -- really a "toy plane" as Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tauntingly calls it?  According to a report in USA Today an anonymous former Pentagon official alleges it is.  At least for publication.   

The unmanned spy plane recently captured by Iran appears to be a fake, according to a former Pentagon official.

The former official, who saw video footage of the drone on display in Iran, said not only is it the wrong color, but also the welds along the wing joints do not appear to conform to the stealth design that helps it avoid radar detection. The official requested anonymity because he is not authorized to release information on the drone matter.


The former official also questioned why the landing gear was covered up when displayed by the Iranian military. In the footage, the drone's underside is obscured with banners that read: "We'll trample America underfoot" and "The U.S. cannot do a damn thing."

As is to be expected there are numerous conflicting reports about the plane, rumors, half baked ideas, deliberate misinformation; obviously much of this is spy v spy, each side trying to minimize damage, maximize accomplishment but  let's hope the Anonymous Pentagon Official is correct in this international game of chess.  Of course, chess has been played in Iran for a long time.