Sex and the candidates

In what no one wants to call an October surprise Herman Cain was piled on by a bevy of sexual harassment complaints from his past.  Baseless at first, they spiraled to a point that one woman felt she needed to come out and expose a 13-year affair they have had.  Yes, Mrs. Cain it appears your husband has a "split personality."  But should this keep him from the presidency?  What if tomorrow Herman swore to never commit such an act in the White House, and to step down if he were ever to be caught?  How about now, can he now still run and be president?

It seems to me it would be better than what many of his Democratic predecessors have done or would do.  Bill Clinton was getting pleasured under the presidential desk while Kennedy was most likely on top of it.  And let's not even talk about Edwards' love child.  But Cain's not even in the White House or a nominee.  Newt Gingrich now continues to be trumpeted as the new front runner, taking the charge in Cain's disgrace despite his own multiple affairs and wives.  But he's a Catholic now, so he would never do those things, right?  

If Cain is finished, what really did him in was not embracing the statement that his campaign made after the affair came out: "Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults -- a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public," which they said because the other allegations were harassment based and thus needed to be addressed.

However, the truth is those were private matters, too, and if Herman Cain had taken this position during this whole debacle, the affair wouldn't have affected his campaign.  This is what damages and destroys conservative candidates and the self-government movement of America every time.  

The crux of the problem is that Herman Cain sold himself to the public as a good God fearing man.  If you really want to start winning elections -- and Christians listen up because you aren't the only conservatives that exist -- stop selling yourself as the picture of morality!  You're not, so sell yourself on your actions, your plans, and your system.  Don't act as if you live more morally than anyone because that destroys you every time.  Stop trying to get the vote from those whose religions determine their political decision making.  And, in turn, stop letting your religion determine your vote, because the bad news is politicians are on to you and don't mind lying about their morality to your face.

The truth is even Herman Cain thinks he knows better than you and if any of them, especially the Right told you the truth, you'd see that unlike our Founders, none of them are looking to expand YOUR power over government whether it be federal, state, or local.

Unless you can recognize that actions like Cain's are up to and between him, any adult, and his maker, then you are going to be let down and constantly deceived.  If this is your way, please look for a new party, because here in the Republic we only care that you'll defend the Constitution.  Outside of that, mind your own business and we'll mind ours.