Occupy San Francisco, a Photo Essay

San Francisco is a medium sized city famed for its hills, views and left wing politics. The mild climate attracts tourists, but also homeless people. 

It is a bit difficult to tell if the members of Occupy San Francisco are political activists or simply homeless people looking for a place to set up housekeeping.  The messy occupy camp is set up near San Francisco Bay.


The fellow on the bicycle is pedaling to generate electricity, a quaint example of green energy.



The occupy tents are set up in a public park called Justin Herman Plaza.  The plaza is across the street from the San Francisco Ferry Building where a high-end food market is located.


Above: Cheese seller in the San Francisco Ferry Building adjacent to the encampment.

Because the occupy people were using the Ferry Building bathrooms for major bathing, the management eliminated paper towels.  People from the occupy encampment have begged for donations of food from Ferry Building vendors.


The better class of San Francisco occupy people make a fashion statement with beards, dreadlocks, cigarettes, well-chosen clothing, and often menacing dogs.  Considering how finely they are turned out, one has to doubt that they lack for homes or money.


Adjacent to the occupy camp skaters carry on.

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