Occupy protestors to run float in Tournament of Roses Parade

It's bringing up the rear of the parade - a 70 foot octupus to symbolize corporate greed. Not very original. And it violates the strict rules governing floats in the parade which must be completely covered in natural materials like flowers, bark, and leaves. The Occupy crew is covering their float in plastic bags. But who cares about rules? Not the police - or the parade officials - who have been working with the Occupy group after the protestors threatened to disrupt the parade. So they will get their little demonstration. We can only hope that television coverage has the good sense to go dark when they show up. LA Times: "Our goal is to put Occupy's best foot forward," Thottam said, adding that activists expect more than 1,000 participants. "We recognize that this is a historic, iconic event geared toward middle America and the family." The group says the protest will be "G-rated" and will stick to nonviolence in expressing Occupy's messages against income inequality and corporate...(Read Full Post)