Obama 'behind enemy lines'

A nagging fear that many have had about President Obama is moving closer to the mainstream, as evidence accumulates.

George Will plucks a key sentence from Barack Obama's "Dreams From My Father" that encapsulates Obama's philosophy and guiding principle behind his policies

Barack Obama had written that during his brief sojourn in the private sector he felt like " a spy behind enemy lines."

Apparently it took only a brief exposure to the real world of free enterprise to make him feel business was the enemy. He considered himself a "spy" against this enemy. A spy wants to do harm against the "enemy."

Ipso facto: vast new regulations, job-killing ObamaCare, class warfare rhetoric, end runs around Congress to bolster the power of unions, environmental rules that will cripple many businesses with high electricity costs (recall his boast that his Presidency would necessarily lead to high "electricity prices" and that those who build coal mines and coal-fired power plants would face bankruptcy), huge new tax increases, and a myriad of other measures and executive actions that have derailed job growth in America. The class warfare rhetoric has just made this agenda even clearer.

Stephanie Gutmann of the Telegraph found that line of interest in her column from March 1st, 2009 and wrote about business journalist's Larry Kudlow reaction to that line in "Does Barack Obama hate free enterprise":

Kudlow, once a budget guy in the Reagan administration, had a huge head of steam up about what he calls President Obama's "declaration of war on investors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, large corporations, and private-equity and venture-capital funds."

Gutmann wrote -- almost three years ago, mind you -- that she did not know yet whether that passage in Obama's book was highly significant or not but that she'd throw it into her "Does the President hate free enterprise?" file.

That file must be bulging now; three years out we know the answer.

Barack Obama hates free enterprise. He and the First Lady have derided those who work for businesses as compared to those who work for the government -- without recognizing that those who work in the "real world" pay the salaries of those who work for government bureaucracies.

Businesses have heard the message loud and clear and have responded as anyone would: with fear. When businesses lose confidence in leadership -- worse, when they fear leadership -- they do not expand, they do not hire. Instead they try to husband their resources and save it for better times. Hence, the stagnant job and wage growth. Do not be fooled by the headline yesterday about the unemployment rate falling. That number reflects huge numbers of people leaving the labor force because they are discouraged about the prospects of finding a job. They should be, given the man in the Oval Office and his minions doing his bidding.

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