Obama and the Occupoopers

Well, Obama had the youth vote last time, when one 27- year old white kid told me he voted for Obama "because Hillary looks too white." This is a middle-class unemployed irresponsible left-indoctrinated spoiled-rotten would-be Occu-pooper.

I like him personally. He's a nice, completely brainwashed kid, even with his DUIs; but what a national disaster when you multiply him by 50 million.

Well, that was 2008.

For the 2012 election the President of the United States has called out the mobs. Really. The Soros funding links, the ruckus rehearsals by left-of-left Ruckus Society, the "spontaneous" organized mobs, and now, for your delectation, folks, it's the Poopie Kids Occupying your streets!

Yes, the spoiled ne'er-do-wells of cities all over the country have made their lasting mark on history. It's a scent mark, like dogs peeing on a tree. This is their little gift to a Great Society. The responsible adults of the Tea Party pick up their own litter, but the Poop Party has a different political philosophy.

Poopsters of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your bowel control! It's Marxism for infantile adults.

Now get this mental snapshot: The black and Hispanic sanitation workers of NYC are literally picking up the human feces dumped on Wall Street by hordes of white, "idealistic," spoiled-rotten, dope-injecting, unemployable, hostile-dependent delinquents.

Those sanitation workers sweeping up the excrement should be the defining image for the Stinky Mobs. This is the image of the Obama years you'll want to keep in mind for next November. Blacks and Hispanics cleaning the leavings of rich white kids who can't even utter a single coherent sentence. They just revert to the language of chimps, who also throw feces to annoy each other.

My cat is always cleaning herself, because cats have to survive in a world full of infectious parasites. Animals in the wild don't have New York sanitation workers cleaning up after them. It's only idealistic young lefties who have the brilliance to fall back to the Terrible Twos.

Our city mayors didn't have the guts to tell them to go home and sleep it off. The sheer cowardice of liberal politicians is something to behold. Put a mob on Wall Street, have them pooping all over, and Obama and the libs can't even tell them to go away. I suspect that's because their own kids were joining in the fun, making their own, very personal contribution.

What's Obama going to say to Putin and Ahmadinejad after this? If he can't get public nuisances to leave the streets of America, will the mullahs take him seriously? What do the French think about Obama today? The Arabs?

The radical left has finally found its own perfect metaphor.

Let's hope the United States doesn't have to step in it twice. 

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