More deafening silence on Saudi Arabia's human rights abuses

Hey Amnesty International! Instead of falsely sending out phony arrest warrants against former President George W. Bush (R) on phony charges of torture the Huffington Post reported on a real horrifying issue for you to pursue.

The Saudis beheaded a woman in her 60s; accused of practicing magic and sorcery

The London-based al-Hayat daily, however, quoted Abdullah al-Mohsen, chief of the religious police who arrested the woman, as saying she had tricked people into thinking she could treat illnesses, charging them $800 per session.

The paper said a female investigator followed up, and the woman was arrested in April, 2009, and later convicted in a Saudi court.

This latest victim was one of three women and one of the 76 people who have been executed in Saudi Arabia this year.

So what does Amnesty International have to say about this latest outrage? Like Captain Louis Renault in Casablanca they are
absolutely shocked, shocked that Saudi Arabia would do such an awful thing!

The beheading of a woman convicted of "witchcraft and sorcery" is deeply shocking and highlights the urgent need for a halt in executions in Saudi Arabia, Amnesty International said today.

So of course Amnesty will take action, maybe even demand the UN's Human Rights Council take action, condemn Saudi Arabia? But then again, they probably won't since, wouldn't you know it, Saudi Arabia is a respected member of said council.

Oh well, back to issuing arrest warrants against President Bush--Amnesty and the UN can always agree on that.