Mitt, RomneyCare, and Teddy K

In 1994 Mitt Romney ran for the U.S. Senate.  His opponent: Ted Kennedy.  During that campaign Romney was critical of the liberalism of his opponent even coining s term "Kennedy Country" as means of describing the devastation Kennedy's liberal social policies had wrought on the poor neighborhoods in Massachusetts.

He lost that election but won his next attempt at state wide office as Governor in 2002.   He ran on the pledge that he would not saddle the people of the state with socialist tax-and-spend or an expansion of liberal social policies.

However soon after he was elected Romney began the drumbeat for socialized medicine.  Three years later he signed RomneyCare into law.   The voters of Massachusetts did not vote for RomneyCare as by his own admission he did not plan his socialized medicine scheme until after the 2002 election.   Romney foisted it upon the citizenry without warning and without any prodding from his Democratic rivals.

However, guess who was in the forefront of lobbying the state legislature to get Romney's bill passed?  Yes, Ted Kennedy.  The same Senator who pushed for socialized medicine for many decades.  This became a Romney-Kennedy production.

Further Mitt Romney stood proudly with Kennedy while he signed RomneyCare into law.   The Ted Kennedy love fest video from the 2006 bill signing ceremony for the health care law:


Mitt Romney still defends what has become a financial and social debacle in Massachusetts while claiming he would repeal ObamaCare.   However the Republican primary voters are being told by the Republican establishment and many "conservative" pundits that he is the most electable and is in his heart a real conservative.  

Perhaps he is no different than most politicians saying what he needs to win elections but doing the opposite when in office.   A further examination of his record as Massachusetts reveals just that as he not only saddled the state with RomneyCare but he raised taxes (euphemistic described as fees) every year and raised spending at nearly twice the rate of inflation every year as well while playing the usual budgeting games.

It is expected of the mainstream media to cover for Barack Obama but for the so-called conservative media to ignore Romney's record is outright betrayal.   It is time for the other candidates running for the Republican nomination for president to take up the slack.