It's good to be one of the '1%,' right Nancy Pelosi?

Exhibit #1 in the hypocrisy case against Nancy Pelosi - staying at a $10,000 a night room in a ritzy Hawaii resort.

Hawaii Reporter:

The first family and their friends have been enjoying a reclusive 17-day holiday vacation in beach front homes in Kailua, Oahu.

But another powerful politician is here for the holidays as well, albeit on another island and with less media attention.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, who served as Speaker of the House and is now head of the House minority, is once again spending her Christmas at the exotic Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upulehu in Kona on the island of Hawaii.

Pelosi reportedly plans to spend her Christmas Eve at midnight mass in St. Michael's Catholic Church in Kailua-Kona.

Pelosi spent the last two Christmas holidays in Kona at the same hotel in an elaborate suite that rents for $10,000 a night.

Not too many OWS demonstrators could afford such luxurious digs:

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai's details its luxurious setting and amenities on its web site: "Gloriously revitalised, this natural tropical paradise offers more than ever to explore - with a newly expanded Spa, beachfront dining, fashion boutiques and new Deluxe Suites, in addition to Jack Nicklaus signature golf. Set on the Big Island's exclusive Kona-Kohala Coast, this showpiece resort captures the essence of Hawaiian design, culture and tradition."

This valiant warrior for the middle class and the poor only takes that fight so far. When it comes to her personal ease and comfort, she relies on her husband's wealth - a product at least in part of sweetheart deals with the city of San Francisco.

Just your typical "1 percenter."

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