Hillary and the Menorah

Former Democratic pollsters Patrick Caddell (Jimmy Carter) and Douglas Schoen (Bill Clinton) have been beating the drum for Hillary Clinton to enter the race and save the party.  Realizing that their earlier plea for Mr. Obama to abandon his reelection campaign for the sake of the Democrats (not for the sake of the country) in favor of Hillary has fallen on deaf ears, the two have shifted gears.  In a recent Politico piece, Caddell and Schoen have reached out to the voters of New Hampshire in hopes of building a "draft Hillary" movement.
This evening at sundown our Jewish friends will begin the eight day celebration of Hanukkah by lighting the first candle (or oil cup) of the menorah.  The menorah used at Hanukkah has nine candles, one for each day of the celebration and one additional candle (shamash) which is used to light each of the other candles in turn.  Mr. Obama lit all eight candles in a photo-op 12 days ago in an undignified and ill-informed attempt to pander to the Jewish community.  How would Hillary Clinton have honored the sacred tradition of lighting the menorah?
In the summer of 1973 Hillary Rodham was in Arkansas with her future husband to take the bar exam.  During her stay she accompanied her fiancé to meet a politically well-connected friend whose support in Bill's upcoming bid for congress would be crucial.  Upon arriving at the home Hillary noticed a menorah (the seven branched temple menorah) on the front door which sent her into an incendiary rage.  Hillary refused to get out of the car, leaving Bill to come up with an excuse for her abhorrent behavior.  Bill later explained to his friend that "Hillary's really tight with the people in the PLO in New York.  They're friends of hers and she doesn't feel right about the menorah," adding that "Hillary really backs the PLO and doesn't like what Israel is up to." [1]
During her rise to power Hillary has learned to better conceal her true feelings about Israel and the Jewish people, however it is safe to assume that her core beliefs are still intact.  I would never defend the epic disaster that is the Obama presidency, but the concept of drafting Hillary (an epic failure as secretary of state) offers little more than a distraction during these crucial times.
Perhaps next year at Hanukkah we will all celebrate the election of a true friend of Israel and the Jewish community.
[1] Christopher Andersen, American Evita (Harper-Collins Publishers Inc. 2004) p. 50
December 20, 2011
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