Another cause for occupiers to occupy next spring

Hey #99 1/2% occupiers--go occupy this next #occupy spring.

Former St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols of the World Series winning St. Louis Cardinals just signed a new contract with the Los Angeles Angels which places him in a tiny segment of wage earners that most of us can only dream about, occupiers foam about.

Pujols, who won three MVP awards and two World Series championships while crafting a Cardinals legacy to rival Stan Musial, left the reigning champions of baseball for a 10-year contract worth $254 million.

That's how talent and the free market affects minorities. No equality in talent here--Pujols obviously has more of what people value than all the occupiers combined. And he also brought more joy to people than all of the occupiers combined. Not to mention employment in the spin offs from the Cardinals' victory.

Deal with it.