Fed Buys a Ticket on the Titanic

The Federal Reserve just gave the United States a ticket to board the sinking Titanic that is socialist Europe. 

Now cheap dollars borrowed by weak nations will shore up failing models of socialist governments, which will be enabled to continue their spendthrift ways while postponing meaningful reform.  If European banks want to borrow dollars, they may do so, as the rate there is cheaper than here in the good old USA.

Should anyone be surprised? Our current administration loves and assiduously promotes the model that is European socialism; namely, a nanny state with reduced military capacities. It is supporting those models in much the same way Soviet Russia supported Communist regimes of the past.

Also beloved by our current leaders are globalist institutions, including economic ones, which are unencumbered by the messy process of holding elections or being held responsible by the electorate.  

In the meantime, political hay is being made, as the inevitably brief boost to the stock markets is at least temporarily good for our current president, who just may see financial Armageddon postponed until after 2012 elections.

In other words, the Federal Reserve, no doubt egged on by the Obama administration, chose for Europe and for our country ideology and politics above necessary and painful reforms.  

Without any input from U.S. citizens, America is now even more inextricably wedded to the fate of the sinking ship that is Europe.

Fay Voshell can be reached at fvoshell@yahoo.com