Don't Wait For Congress -- Give Yourself a Tax Cut

As usual President Obama and the Democrats want to have it both ways on an issue.  As Rush insightfully pointed out during his show today, from the very inception of Social Security, the Democrats have claimed that it was not an entitlement program but rather a "retirement" program.  That it was not a tax but an actual "investment" in your own future that you were funding and that it was kept in a "lock-box" separate from the general funds.  Most of us now realize that the only thing the vault that the Social Security funds are supposedly locked away in is good for is hearing ones own voice echo (Obama should like that). All of a sudden President Obama wants us to believe that the very future of this Nation is riding on an additional two month extension of employees not having to "contribute" to their government required "retirement plans" called Social Security.   Because they now think that being on the side of "tax cuts" will benefit the Democratic Party,...(Read Full Post)