Crucifying Santa

Evidently it isn't enough for rabid secularists to take Christ out of Christmas.  Now, in a macabre twofer, Santa is being crucified, too.

The most recent location of the worldwide phenomenon which is characterized by a ritualistic crucifixion of good St. Nicholas has been the Leesburg, Virginia courthouse lawn, apparently merely one of a spate of Santa crucifixions across the world -- all erected, doubtless, in the name of diversity and artistic freedom.

The "artist" responsible for the Leesburg martyrdom of the beloved saint is Jeff Hefflin, Jr., an atheist, who stated in the usual tiresome Newspeak of those determined to offend inoffensively, that his work of hard/soft sculpture was an "art work of Santa on a cross to depict society's materialistic obsessions and addictions and how it is killing the peace, love, joy and kindness that is supposed to be prevalent during the holiday season."


But Columnist Barbara Hollingsworth  of the Washington examiner correctly focuses on the true intent of the obnoxious display:

Newly elected Loudoun Supervisor Ken Reid - who as a Town Council member helped craft the compromise allowing a wide variety of religious and secular symbols to be displayed on the courthouse lawn during December instead of banning them altogether - zeroed in on the true intent behind "Crucified Santa."

"This was clearly designed to provoke angst and offend people," Reid told The Washington Examiner.

"Just the way Christians have rallied against anti-Semitism and support Israel, I, as a Jew, will return the favor and help lead the fight to stop this mockery of Christmas and Christian beliefs," he said.

Hollingsworth and Reid have hit the proverbial nail on the head.  The crucified Santa is mockery of Christmas and Christian beliefs; mockery similar to the anti-Semitic outbreaks with which we all are familiar. 

One wonders what would have been the outcry if during Ramadan, a bloody and defaced Muslim crescent had been displayed on the courthouse property?  What would have happened if during Hanukkah, an effigy of a Jew with a yellow star on his jacket had been placed on the courthouse lawn?


Postscript: It seems the offending work of "art" has been torn down by an irate citizen.  He will probably be arrested on multiple charges of trespassing on public property, vandalism, destruction of artistic works and hate crimes.

And given a life sentence.

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