Corzine: 'I Simply Do Not Know Where The Money Is'

This is appalling. A leading Democrat political figure, a former governor and senator, and considered a potential treasury secretary, is pleading ignorance when it comes to the disappearance of over a billion dollars of client money.

The WSJ:

A contrite Jon S. Corzine will express both sorrow and a firm defense of his actions Thursday in his first public appearance since the collapse of MF Global Holdings Ltd. in late October.

"Recognizing the enormous impact on many peoples' lives resulting from the events surrounding the MF Global bankruptcy, I appear at today's hearings with great sadness," Mr. Corzine plans to say in testimony prepared for a hearing by the House Agriculture Committee, which subpoenaed the former MF Global chief executive Friday. A copy of the testimony was released early Thursday on the panel's website.


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