Bill Maher's ugly narrow mind

Bill Maher must have read Timothy Gordon's "Three Ugly Truths Exposed by the Tebow Assault" and decided to add a fourth: liberals, or secular progressives as Gordon called them, definitely do not believe in real diversity, pluralism or multi culturalism.  Nor do they believe in the Bill of Rights, particularly those unpleasant sections guaranteeing freedom of religion and speech to everyone.
During a Christmas Eve game that Tebow's Broncos eventually lost to the Buffalo Bills, Maher tweeted (warning: truly offensive) "Jesus just f****d Tim Tebow." To see the rest, you'll have to visit the link.

Suspicion: While this was undoubtedly an expression of Maher's true attitudes, did Maher deliberately tweet this knowing it would generate some desperately needed publicity for his fading persona? Just asking.

Was he jealous of the rise of Tebow and his talent? Just asking.

But does Tim Tebow care? After all the Broncos are guaranteed the AFC West title. And Maher is guaranteed his narrow mindedness is exposed once again. But he probably doesn't care either.

Isn't diversity wonderful?