AT Was First

I must confess I am a political junkie with too much time on my hands.   I have been watching with much interest the rise of Newt Gingrich.  I began to wonder when did a major columnist on a major internet site or the rest of the media first called the potential Newt phenomenon, made the case for him and that he is not a part of the so-called establishment and would be in fact the anti-establishment candidate.   (Boy, has the establishment turned the heavy artillery on him)   There were some slight of hand columns, all dismissive of Newt, on the National Review, Amercan Spectator etc. etc. during September and early October.

However, the first to call on Republicans to re-discover Newt was on the AT site dated October 25: Newt and the Next-In-Line Problem by Steve McCann.    Having reviewed over 500 columns that one was the beginning of the move of Newt.


Mary Hadley

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