As we celebrate the season

With less than two weeks to go before Christmas and Hanukkah thoughts of Christians and Jews in the United States and Canada should turn to...genocide.


Yes, genocide.


Because all over the world Christians are falling victim to genocide perpetrated against them, genocide which is rooted in Islam and carried out by Islamists acting in its name. Hatred and disgust of Christians is intrinsic to Islam and degradation, persecution, rape, murder and destruction of churches and other property have taken place from its very beginning, just as they are today. The Middle East has been virtually ethnically cleansed of Christians and they are under fierce attack by Islamic hordes throughout Europe, much of Asia and the Pacific and parts of Africa, to cite a few examples. Christians have been victims of genocide perpetrated in Islam's name for over 1,400 years and it really is no different now than its ever been.

Christians in Canada and the United States have been largely spared to date but this is rapidly changing as Muslim populations increase and become bolder and as Islamization increases and takes root in the two countries. Violence against Christians is something we hear about on a daily basis, particularly in the U.S., but it is only going to get worse in both countries unless stern, decisive actions are taken against Islam and Islamists. Genocide is not too strong a word at all and it is something Christians in North America will face unless they rise up and stop Islam and Islamists from taking over and forcing everyone to submit to their dictates or suffer horrific consequences.

Don't think it can happen in Canada or the United States? Make no mistake, it can and it will if Canadians and Americans don't stop it. Look at Islam, history and reality and tell me I'm wrong.

You can't.

What about Jews, you ask as Hanukkah is almost upon us as well?   Islam and Islamists think even less of them than they do of Christians, which is really saying something. The goal is the same though. removing Israel from the face of the earth for good measure.

And that is why Christians and Jews in Canada and the United States should think about genocide perpetrated in the name of Islam this Christmas.

Their own genocide.