Aren't we all sick of the 'Iowa show?'

I don't know about you, but I am sick of the "Iowa" show.  A lousy 6 electoral votes and they get all this attention. Can you imagine if California or New York were first? Sure, we know CA and NY are lost for the general election, but they have a lot to say about who gets the nomination.  Iowa? Please. 

As far as I can tell, Iowa has an average chance of voting with the winners in the general election, so there is no real "predictor" there.  Heck,in 2008 they chose Huckabee for the GOP primary.  If I hear about the "Hawkeye State" one more time I'm going to throw away my Callaway Hawkeye golf clubs.

I'm not knocking Iowa, mind you.  After all, let's not forget the usually funny and insightful Iowahawk.  And good Iowa corn.

Seriously, though.  The media and the candidates do the Hawkeye squawk for months, and by the time Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado and the other "swing" states come into play, everyone is tired and bored.

The only value I see in the "Iowa first" thing is the candidates get to try out their strategies in a place that's irrelevant.

And do some preliminary vetting before we get to the big show.

Oh, and it helps the winners raise money, and some of the losers go home so they don't dilute votes in the important states to come.

Okay, I guess we have to start somewhere.  Might as well be Iowa. Nevertheless, I'm just sayin'...Wake me up when we get to New Hampshire.