Arabs are blaming the usual suspects

In the Muslim world when all else fails--or even before that--blame the Jews/Israel. And then the United States. This tactic consistently unites the populace, diverting their anger from the causes of their misery. In the recent "Arab Spring" countries, that fallback excuse is regularly used as all sides maneuver to gain power, remain in power.

In Syria, where over 4000 of its own citizens have been slaughtered in the ongoing revolt against Bashar al-Assad's brutal reign, Assad trotted out this reliable excuse. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal he recently he accused Turkey, a Muslim country which borders Syria and is providing a slight refuge for fleeing Syrians,

In further signs of Syrian anger, the state-run Tishreen newspaper on Tuesday ran an Op-ed article that said: "Turkey today is ruled by Jews. ... Its foreign minister, [Ahmet] Davutoglu, and those walking his walk are all related."

Ooooh, calling someone a dirty name is the sign of desperation.

Mr. Davutoglu is Muslim and Turkey recently has taken a tough line against Israel. The article called that stance a sham.

After Israel and the Jews, the other enemy is the US. And sure enough

In another article, the paper alleged that Turkey was preparing the way for Syria's invasion by France and the U.S.

Meanwhile, the Syrian revolt continues, as does the slaughter. And none of it by the Jews, or the Americans.