Why conservatives have a Hart for Herman Cain

Criticizing the conservative defenders of Herman Cain, and defending journalistic ethics in coverage of Cain and his female accusers, RealClearPolitics editor Carl M. Cannon writes, "It's the media's job to examine these stories carefully, and also to search for other possible victims and witnesses."

He is, of course, correct -- in some alternative universe. The trouble is not that conservatives don't see the potential that Cain is not telling the truth.  The trouble is Mr. Cannon's abysmally unprofessional colleagues, and their constant failure to do their job consistently.

Four accusers should have been enough to knock any candidate out of the race but for the fact that the news media has next to no credibility or ethics.  Mr. Cannon's colleagues have earned the mistrust and disrespect of conservatives.

It took only one incident to knock Gary Hart out of the 1988 Democratic presidential primary.  Rumors of an affair were circulating when Hart famously said, "Follow me around. I don't care. I'm serious. If anybody wants to put a tail on me, go ahead. They'll be very bored."

Turns out they weren't so bored after all.

On May 8, 1987, an "angry and defiant" Gary Hart held a press conference to denounce everyone but himself.

Herman Cain may be this year's Gary Hart.  Conservatives, however, know that the news media act like a pack of wolves when conservatives are in danger, and like sheep when liberals are at the center of controversy.  There's no honesty; no reliability. 

Cain may be lying.  We know the media lies -- and cheats.

I've been at conservative gatherings where Herman Cain has spoken.  I've met him.  Alone in a washroom, he and I spoke at some length about his recovery from cancer and faith.  We discussed the importance of healing, and I urged him to run for office.

At another event, he and I shared laughs over some matters, and I again urged him to run for office.  That does not mean I have been supporting him for president, but I have liked the cut of his jib.

Herman Cain would not know me from Sharon Bialek.   But, if he is now lying about the accusations leveled at him, he would be the most remarkable liar I've ever spoken with.

I've always said there are a dozen sides to every story.  Too frequently, the news media doesn't even see two sides

The news media have not even questioned why anonymous Cain accuser number one hasn't released a redacted copy of her agreement with the National Restaurant Association.  It would shed light on the Cain matter, but that's yesterday's scandal.  There's new meat.