UN Official Questions Biofuel Commitment

The warmist fraud continues to unravel, with the impracticality of the biofuels program impressing even an important United Nations official. He is making a point that skeptics have reiterated for years now, but for the UN, any recognition of reality is to be applauded, no matter how tardy. AFP reports:

The UN special rapporteur on the right to food urged the EU for a rethink on biofuels Friday, saying huge errors had been committed in the initial enthusiasm for an alternative to harmful fossil fuels.

"The more biofuels the EU produces, the more it will be forced to import vegetable oils from the rest of the world," said Olivier De Schutter.

De Schutter's bureaucratic empire (the "right" to food!) tends to supply concerns, so he might have actually anticipated that taking cropland formerly devoted to food in order to produce energy would cause there to be less food available to feed human beings.  If the EU decides to produce its own biofuels, it can import replacement food crops from Africa and elsewhere, countries whose inhabitants will suffer as market prices rise, and there is less food available overall to feed the local populace. They would then turn to the UN for help. So finally, someone in the organization connects the dots that any sensible person familiar with markets understood immediately.

Nonetheless, it is fair to say that the UN is becoming divided on one aspect of the warmist enterprise, biofuels. Even better, the UN is starting to realize that market consequences may be a valid reason to question the bon pensants when they try to save the world with a harebrained fraudulent scheme.

It is hard to sustain a massive fraud over a period of years.

Hat tip: A.P.E.

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