Tunisia issues arrest warrant for Mrs. Arafat

How the unmighty have fallen! Suha Arafat, the widow of the late, unlamented,terrorist leader Yasser Arafat is the object of an international arrest warrant issued by a Tunisian court. The charge? Corruption.

Corruption is a way of life for the Arafat family. Suha's husband used the millions--probably billions--provided by the international community for aid to his fellow Muslims to build a state for his artificially created Palestinian people to bankroll an unremitting reign of terror against Israel and the West instead. Oh, and he siphoned off several million so his wife could live far away from him. So while their people lived in misery Mrs. Arafat enjoyed a lavish loca vida in Paris on money her husband stole.

Stripped of her Tunisian citizenship, where she lived for 12 years as secretary general of her husband's terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization and for a short time after Arafat's demise, she now resides in Malta.

Don't cry for her. Cry for the people her husband slaughtered. Cry for the people her husband and she led and misdirected who now live in poverty with a bleak future sustained only by the hate the Arafat duo nurtured and encouraged.