The Obama Basketball League

The magic charm of President Barack Obama (D) is on display again as he solves one of the greatest problems of American society at present--the lack of professional basketball because of the players' strike.  Well, sort of. 
Many professional basketball players, who are financially, members of the so called one per cent but are striking against league owners, all of them because of greed, have decided to  play in the newly unofficially formed Obama Basketball League to raise money for...Obama. 
As Politico reports
"Athletes who support President Obama ... will play actual games at the event in Washington," Michael Blake, deputy director of the Obama campaign's "Operation Vote," wrote in an email to prospective donors that was obtained by POLITICO.

The event seems to be a perfect combination of two of the president's great interests: Raising money and playing basketball.
But will the so called 99% be able to afford the ticket prices?
The price of admission: It ranges from $100 for a limited set of seats set aside for folks who are part of a special "Gen 44" campaign group to $5,000 or more for heavy hitters who want courtside seats. The Obama Victory Fund can collect up to $35,800 from a single donor, with the first $5,000 going to the campaign and the remainder going to the Democratic National Committee.
Occupiers should occupy the stadium for free tickets, free food, free drinks and real bathrooms with showers!